Used Appliances

Have you been considering purchasing a new appliance, gone down to the big box store and walked away with sticker shock?  New appliances are incredibly expensive and difficult for many to afford when they need to replace their old appliance that has stopped working.  The Closeout Market offers you an affordable solution and safe buying alternative to buying off Craigslist or Facebook for used appliances. Yes we sometimes cost more than a Craigslist or Facebook ad but we stand behind our appliances and our testing process is second to none.

 Our used appliances come from big box retailers and include scratch and dent, delivery refusals, customer trade ins, and extended warranty repairs.  Every appliance is brought to our 150,000 square foot testing facility in Covington, TN and put through a rigorous testing process that lasts hours for a stove, multiple run cycles for a washer/dryer/dishwasher, and days for a refrigerator or freezer.  Every machine that requires repair is repaired in house by our certified technicians
Visit a store near you today and get a brand you trust at a price you can afford.  Financing is available as well - click on the Snap icon below for more details.