The extended warranty modifies the following provisions of our 90 day limited warranty. 

- This warranty is a 6 month warranty instead of a 90 day warranty. This warranty shall be valid from the date of purchase until 6-Months following the date of purchase.

-Provision 1 in the 90 day limited warranty is deleted in its entirety and replaced to read as follows:

This warranty offers the option of in-home pickup or repair at our discretion, meaning should an appliance need a repair The Clouseout Market is responsible for coming to your home to repair the item, pick the item up and return it to its shop for repair, or bring you a replacement appliance to your home in exchange for an appliance with a covered warranty repair. We may choose to repair the item or utilize a third party appliance repair or delivery service at our sole discretion. If the appliance is not repairable we will replace the appliance with a similar appliance of the same value within your warranty period. THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE.

-All other provisions of the 90 day limited warranty remain intact and in force during the 6 month warranty period covered by this extended warranty. 

 Warranty Cost varies on appliances. For more information please call one of your friendly CloseOut Market Locations at the following numbers or visit our "Locations" Page for further information on our locations. 

COVINGTON STORE - 901-296-5410

ATOKA- 901-837-0475

MILLINGTON - 901-837-1423

​MEMPHIS - 901-729-6248